I’ll buy if DUETTE solds at $8,000

    duality (n): the quality or character of being two-fold…

    Duette^(TM) is the latest Special Applications product from Wilson Audio. The engineering team was challenged to design a loudspeaker that could work in hostile environments. That didn’t mean "work acceptably." With Duette, the goal was to create a product that would produce the signature Wilson sound in those settings: a wide, deep soundstage in which instruments and voices occupied discrete, three-dimensional space. Voices would sound real, tonally accurate, and coherent from top to bottom. Percussion would explode from a deep, grain-free background with believable dynamics and speed.

    In brainstorming the best way to achieve "big" sound from a small enclosure, the design team came up with a Novel^(TM) idea – literally. The Novel is Duette’s external crossover.

    Crossover design lies at the heart of the Wilson Audio sound. Each crossover, whether destined for Duette or Alexandria, is hand-wired using custom capacitors and even custom solder. They are, of necessity, large and heavy. To keep Duette’s size and weight appropriate for varied applications, it was quickly apparent it made sense to house the crossover in a separate module. Another, more compelling engineering reason to do so is that in an enclosure the size of Duette, the proximity of a crossover to the drivers would make the circuits susceptible to mechanical and electromechanical feedback from the drivers, introducing subtle yet audible distortion. At Wilson Audio, the size of a speaker is irrelevant to the care given to its design and manufacture.

    Duette’s application versatility is remarkable. An ingenious set of spikes in three sizes magnetically attach to the side or bottom of Duette, allowing the speaker to be placed either vertically or horizontally. In addition, the Duette can be used on its custom stand as a typical floor-standing speaker. Included with the Duette are a set of tweeter resistors and custom designed cables for near boundary placement and another set of resistors and cables for away from boundary placement. The resistors and cables selected are determined by the application in which the Duette is to be used. Ingenious, if we do say so ourselves!
        Specifications     Dimensions
        Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms, 3 Ohms min.
    Woofer: One 8 inch
    Tweeter: One 1 inch
    Sensitivity: 89 dB@1 watt (2.00V@ 1 meter)
    Minimum Amplifier Power: 7 WPC
    Frequency Response: (with port contribution) +0, -3dB 36 Hz – 32.5 kHz
            Height: 18.4 inches
    Width: 9.125 inches
    Depth: 13.75 inches

    Product Weight:
    Duette: 39 lbs each
    Novel: 19 lbs each

    Shipping Weight:
    (approx. for complete system) 210 lbs


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